Revenge of the polluters: A scourge of the EPA takes over at the EPA (The Economist, at 4pm)
Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change (BBC News, at 10am)
'Magical thinking' on Heathrow expansion (BBC News, at 1am)
Trump's multi-trillion dollar fraud on America: 'public-private'... (theecologist.org, 22/02)
Babbage: Oceans of pollutants (The Economist, 22/02)
Star's seven Earth-sized worlds set record (BBC News, 22/02)
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UN climate chief calls on finance sector to show sustainability... (environmental-finance.com, at 6pm)
Gene catalogues aim to help crops survive climate change. (dailyclimate.org, at 6pm)
US energy regulator still advancing Obama-era climate guidance. (dailyclimate.org, at 6pm)
Climate change doubles size of northern lakes, pushes bison off habitat. (dailyclimate.org, at 6pm)
Why floodplains could be California’s buffer against climate extremes. (dailyclimate.org, at 5pm)
Scientists to test 50 coral reefs to seek ways to counter climate change (Reuters, at 5pm)
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No new runways is still the only option, reveals new report on Heathrow... (Green Party, at 12pm)
Greens warn of NHS disaster after EEA doctors say they may leave UK (Green Party, at 10am)
Green Party disappointed as Government speeds towards HS2 (Green Party, at 8am)
Politics of fear and anger has buried tradition of reform, says NAB chair... (The Guardian, at 8am)
Green co-leader sleeps rough outside Downing Street in solidarity with... (Green Party, 22/02)
Business rate policy is in 'chaos', says Caroline Lucas (Green Party, 22/02)
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Renewables energies

How a Pacific island changed from diesel to 100% solar power. (dailyclimate.org, at 6pm)
Chatham House: 'Flawed' assumptions mean biomass does more harm than... (businessgreen.com, at 2pm)
Solar power, wind power: Labor’s push to grow renewable energy. (dailyclimate.org, at 1pm)
REA Response to Chatham House report - Woody Biomass for Power and Heat (r-e-a.net, at 1pm)
The EU’s renewable energy policy is making global warming worse. (dailyclimate.org, at 12pm)
Regional Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Least Developed Countries on Sustainable... (se4all.org, 22/02)
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Goal! Bees can learn ball skills from watching each other, study finds (The Guardian, at 8pm)
Talons at noon as red kite pair topple the spare (The Guardian, at 6am)
Premature baby hippo saved by children’s hospital staff – video report (The Guardian, 22/02)
EU set to ban raw ivory exports from July (The Guardian, 22/02)
Australian termites followed similar evolutionary path to humans, study finds (The Guardian, 22/02)
Second trial begins in occupation of Oregon wildlife refuge (Reuters, 21/02)
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House committee passes bill to allow more water pollution in... (environmentalhealthnews.org, at 12pm)
Air pollution here to stay unless the economy is rebalanced. (environmentalhealthnews.org, at 12pm)
Government 'watering down' pollution limits to meet Heathrow pledge (The Guardian, at 1am)
China to speed up steel output cuts to curb winter pollution (Reuters, 22/02)
Settlement: Companies would pay $1 million to Hoosick Falls... (environmentalhealthnews.org, 22/02)
Plastic from tyres 'major source' of ocean pollution (BBC News, 22/02)
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