Household food waste level 'unacceptable' (BBC News, 30/04)
Trump executive order aims to allow Arctic drilling (BBC News, 29/04)
DNA of extinct humans found in caves (BBC News, 28/04)
A climate insurgency: building a Trump-free, fossil-free future (theecologist.org, 28/04)
Government bid to delay air pollution plan fails (BBC News, 27/04)
Climate change: The Arctic as it is known today is almost certainly gone (The Economist, 27/04)
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The Guardian view on defending science: the battleground is culture |... (The Guardian, 30/04)
New York Times readers are canceling subscriptions over climate-denying... (dailyclimate.org, 30/04)
Thousands march in Washington, D.C. heat to demand Trump act on climate... (dailyclimate.org, 30/04)
Granddaughter of coal breaker becomes local leader against climate... (dailyclimate.org, 30/04)
EPA purges pages that highlight climate change from its website. (dailyclimate.org, 30/04)
Climate March draws thousands of protesters alarmed by Trump's... (dailyclimate.org, 30/04)
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Greens gear up for second MP at Bristol campaign base launch (Green Party, 29/04)
Green Party responds to Isle of Wight MP resignation (Green Party, 28/04)
Green Party condemns Conservative MP’s comments on homosexuality (Green Party, 28/04)
Greens to launch LGBTIQA+ manifesto in church (Green Party, 28/04)
The Guardian view on air pollution: playing politics with the nation’s health... (The Guardian, 27/04)
Green Party agrees electoral alliance with Women’s Equality Party (Green Party, 27/04)
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Renewables energies

Global pension funds warm to India's solar power ambitions. (dailyclimate.org, 30/04)
Global pension funds warm to India's solar power ambitions (Reuters, 30/04)
Denmark Preparing to End Renewable Energy Subsidies: ‘We’re Now Very... (greentechmedia.com, 28/04)
As farms dry up, Kenyan women switch to clean energy businesses (se4all.org, 27/04)
The Cheap Energy Revolution Is Here, and Coal Won’t Cut it (se4all.org, 27/04)
Is energy access finance finally ready to flow? (se4all.org, 27/04)
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Slathering on sunscreen at the beach? It may be destroying coral reefs (The Guardian, 28/04)
Murder of Spanish wildlife rangers spurs ?calls for armed service (The Guardian, 28/04)
Climate Change drives early laying/hatching, but not only Temperature! (earthtimes.org, 27/04)
Punch a shark, whistle away a bear: how to survive deadly encounters | Jules... (The Guardian, 26/04)
A great big wall – could this be the way to curb roadkill? | Tim Dowling (The Guardian, 25/04)
Two wildlife rangers killed by poachers in DRC (The Guardian, 25/04)
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In NYC, Birthplace Of Climate March, A Reminder Of Who Suffers Most... (The Huffington Post, 29/04)
Children can’t play if they can’t breathe because our air is so polluted |... (The Guardian, 28/04)
100 days: Pollution harms people of color the most. Trump is making it... (dailyclimate.org, 28/04)
WVSU sues Dow over water pollution at Institute campus. (environmentalhealthnews.org, 28/04)
Judge says Exxon owes $19.95 million for Texas refinery pollution. (dailyclimate.org, 28/04)
Appeals court grants Trump request to delay mercury air pollution case (Reuters, 27/04)
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